How to Sell

Evaluating the Assets

Contracting the Sale

After the Auction


Your assets are sold directly from your home, farm or business location, avoiding the expense, possible loss or damage, and timing disadvantages of moving the assets.

Your address is not publicly listed. Any previews are held by reservation.

Complimentary Evaluation

We are eager to provide a personalized proposal for the sale of your collection. Please submit photos and an asset list for review to

We will need:

  • At least panorama photos of each room

  • List of assets by category (ex. jewelry, firearms, tools, antiques, coins, vehicles)

  • Condition (ex. smoking or pet home; titles in hand, collector or jewelry boxes present)

  • Time frames:

    • When will you have items you are keeping packed and moved/stored?​

    • When is your moving/lease expiration date

Value and Sale Potential Assessment

We will assess the market interest and potential for the sale of the assets and provide a customized sale plan to you based on your needs and the projected value of the sale.

Selling At Auction

The proposal submitted will outline our opinion of the  most appropriate auction for your assets to reach the most prospective buyers.

Opening Bids

We research the market on special items to determine the minimum and maximum pre-sale estimate in order to place the opening bid on an item. The opening bid is key to influencing bidder behavior. We work to determine the right level of opening bid to garner attention to the item and stimulate bidding.  General residential contents do not receive this level of attention in establishing their opening bid.

A reserve is the minimum price at which you will sell the item.  We will work with you to determine if an item should have a reserve, at what level the reserve should be based on market trends, and how we should communicate that reserve to prospective buyers.  Only highly valuable assets are considered for reserves.  There is an entry/no-sale fee if the item does not sell.


The seller's net proceeds is the hammer price less commission, as agreed in the auction engagement contract.


All items of high value receive catalog descriptions written to a level of scholarship, research and item identification accompanied by multiple photographs (up to 50), an opening bid and pre-sale low/high estimated prices, as necessary. 

The catalogs are displayed on our highly-trafficked website with items listed in searchable categories.  Catalog announcements are distributed to carefully selected, targeted prospective buyers as well as to our extensive list of subscribers.

We aggressively advertise each auction with diverse campaigns based on assets to reach prospective buyers, including collectors, dealers, private parties, institutions and curators.  Digital and print advertising is incorporated and is integral in marketing the asset.  Market exposure is very important for high value assets, therefore, planning ahead is related to achieving the highest price possible for your asset.


Prices realized are posted at the conclusion of the auction on the website, which you are welcome to view.

Items that did not sell remain at your premises after the pick up concludes for your disposition.


A check for the net proceeds is mailed along with a printed list of each item's sale price and a list of unsold items within 5 business days after the pick up concludes.

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