Karin A. Costa is a generalist appraiser in the categories of: fine art, antiques, furniture, jewelry, silver, decorative arts, machinery, equipment, books and general residential contents.  She owns a large reference library and subscribes to numerous expert market and identification resources.

The Process

Examination - Karin examines all property, evaluating characteristics, noting condition, obtaining measurements and taking photographs. 

Digital photographs are taken to document the property, comply with IRS regulations, and to aid with research. Photographs are included in the appraisal report.

Research -  Karin researches marks, labels and dates, locates comparable items and their selling history, investigates appropriate markets, and consults experts, when necessary.    

Report Writing - The appraisal report is written in compliance with the 

the 2020 - 2021 Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).


The report includes a Cover Document detailing the scope of work, process taken, and definition of value. The Body of the Report contains the list of items with value.  A detailed description and photograph is included when necessary. An Addendum includes the appraiser's qualifications. A bibliography, glossary, list of resources and other details or data are included when necessary.



How many items?

From 1 item to a complete household, farm or business.

What types of items?

See Karin's credentials and list of items she has sold: Fine collections to general household.

When will the report be ready?

Reports are prepared in a timely manner using a computerized system. 

What is your fee?

2021 fee will be hourly, per project or per item and include the costs for:

Inspections, Research and Report Writing

Travel based on location and mode

Fees for specialist appraisers, conservators, repairmen and others who must be retained to complete the valuation, service or cost estimate for a specific item will be discussed prior to retaining their service, and actual costs for their service will be billed to the client.

Testimony, depositions, additional valuations, etc. after report is completed are based on rates current at the time.

Examples of what we appraise:

Antiques                                   Equipment
European Antiques                    Construction
American Antiques                    Landscaping
Native American Antiques         Office


Silver                                        Agricultural
American                                  Sports / Golf
English                                     Horse/Stable


Jewelry                                     Fitness

Gold                                         Restaurant

Diamonds                                 Grocery
Colored Stones                        



Oriental Rugs                         



Clocks                                     Transportation


Objets D’Art                            Trucks


Fine Art                                    Recreational Vehicles

Impressionist Art                      Single Engine Aircraft
Contemporary Art                     Watercraft
American Impressionist Art       Small Gauge Rail
European Art                             Carriages / Carts


Marble Sculpture
Bronze Sculpture

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